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Neha Goyal is an ace jewelry designer in Ahmedabad, currently designing high-end, exclusive jewelry under the brand name “Itee” ( ईती ). Her jewellery designing has always been a passion – she loves working with diamonds and jadtar. This passion led her on to pursue an intensive course in Gems and Jewelry from the Indian Institute of Gems and Jewelry, Mumbai, where she graduated top of her class. She then studied MBA in Human Resource Management from the Amity Business School, and MCOM from R. A. Podar College, Mumbai.

Armed with good communication and organizational skills, and possessing the quality to work flexibly in any environment, Neha is a quick learner and has emerged as a spirited designer in the jewelry design community. Having studied jewelry with so much passion, Neha creates jewelry that is akin to art. Her aesthetic values exude elegance and luxury, and she achieves this by working in tandem with the precious materials that she uses. Each piece designed with so much care by her can be a treasured keepsake that can be handed down, through generations!



We have a range of styles and designs. There is a unique piece suiting every emotion, moment or occasion. At ITEE we ensure that you get the most exclusive selection of Diamond and Jadau jewellery for women. We are always in tune with the latest trends and consumer demands, to give the consumer jewellery that they will instantly fall in love with. Our designs emanate elegance, style and modernity. Jewellery range consists of exquisite designs in Studded Diamond Jewellery.

ITEE ensures that you get the most exclusive selection of diamond jewellery for women as well as a recently introduced high end range of Luxury Products exclusively for Men. We specialize in the creation of custom necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and bridal sets, and are dedicated to providing the customer with high quality, handmade Diamond and Jadau jewellery at a reasonable price. Our jewellery helps give meaning to important occasions, the magical moments of life that nurture the soul, define our culture, our passions so that we have a reason to celebrate every moment in life.



Itee’s concept for custom made designs begins with the thought that every client will ultimately receive a piece of art, that is, our jewellery.

Based on meetings with the client, after thorough discussions about the client’s likes and dislikes, the client’s personalities, we design and develop sketches and a proposal for the Clients approval. We work in sync with our client’s requirements regarding the Metal and/or Gemstones that will result in the ultimate aesthetic effect for the client. Often, depending on the intricacy and level of detail of the piece, a 3-D model is made for the client’s approval before the final piece is created. Finally, the piece is hand finished and presented to the client as a unique and one of a kind piece.



We believe that design as professional expertise has a critical meaning. And thus we put in our best efforts to come out with new and creative designs to suit the individual requirements.



Complimentary services that we provide as part of our dedication to our customers include sizing (when possible), general cleaning, polishing, and engraving touch-up.



Piece is hallmarked and diamond size & weight is inscribed. All Diamonds are Certified & will be of the same cut and clarity.

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