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A piece of jewel is much more than just an ornament that decorates the body of a woman. It is cheer of a celebration, tale of romance and promise of a lifetime. Jewelry holds significant importance in our culture, which believes in passing on our values and love as legacy with the jewels.

The unique concept of ‘Itee‘ by Neha Goyal emerged out of the same thought. Itee presents customized pieces of jewels that cast the impressions of your life’s moments on your piece of jewelry.


Imagine wearing your entire love story around your neck or wrist. At Itee, you can turn your favorite moments into a memoir by getting them engraved on your choice of precious jewels. For more personalization, you can add a message, symbol or even get a shloka carved on the same.

With superior craftsmanship, bespoke designs and unmatched quality, the jewels mirror the reflection of your lifetime memories. Itee has taken personalization to a whole new level with this unique concept that makes the jewelry a keepsake for decades.

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